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Production Tooling

Four Star specializes in designing and building dies and tooling.  We can design and build the following dies: #2, 3 and 4 fourslide, progressive, blank, form, compound, line and trim.  Dies may be up to 48" by 96" in size and up to 300 tons. Tryouts can be performed at our facilities including 1,000 first off parts per print. We can also build the tooling per your design and you can work the tool in at your facilities. We also support your need for spare details with quick turnaround.

Step 1: It is our goal to keep our customers updated at all times. After our part feasibility study, we will provide you with the tooling concept for your approval.

Step 2: After the tooling design is complete, we will present a detailed design for your approval.

Step 3: We will provide you with tooling progress reports on a weekly basis during the build.

Step 4: After the build and assembly is complete, we will ask you to send your representative to observe the tryout and give us your input and concerns (if any) regarding the tooling performance. Tooling will run at rate before it leaves our facilities and at that time, we will ask you to sign off the tooling inspection performance sheet.

Step 5: Finally, we will send our tool room representative to your facility to observe the first set up and run rate.

Our Goal is to build the best possible tooling
and to have 100% customer retention.

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